Sunday, August 4, 2013

Facebook Under Attack?

According to the recent news from the New York Times, there are currently about 40,000 attacks per hour on Facebook accounts. This attack is a Trojan virus that the web browser accepts. This could be in the form of a chat feature or in a form of a news link.

By clicking on the link, the account owner will be transferred to an external website. This will be followed an invitation, or perhaps asking for an internet browser extension or plug-in to install. This was supposedly necessary so that you can watch the video or view the content of the link.

When downloaded, the browser extension instantly launches the "attack".

cellular country scamThe Trojan gets access to all the data stored in the web browser including personal details of the account owner, as well as the password for any stored Facebook account. This Trojan is considered a huge threat since normally facebook users store their passwords in the browser to allow them to log in automatically every time they open their account.

So guys, beware!


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