Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cellular Country is Never a Scam

When planning to buy a new cheap cell phone or perhaps just doing a canvass for some cheap gadget deals, online shopping is prolly the fastest and most convenient way to maximize your time and effort. Aside from the fact that the internet is just a click away, browsing for reviews and searching for the cheapest and best deal is simpler and faster through online. Compared to personal shopping, the online way is both time-efficient and cost-free. All you have to do is to visit the site with the most enticing offer.

With all the benefits of online, one must also bear in mind that the amount of online shops on the internet equates, if not, levels the number of scams lurking on the same space. Just a thought, choose and shop wisely.

I, myself, was a victim of online bogus. I was in college when I decided to get my mom a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. It was a last minute gift for her birthday and I was too desperate to buy the very first authentic aviator sunglasses that I would see on Ebay. When I was searching the net, this (i forgot the name) store appeared on first page. Their aviator sunglasses was very cheap that I was fuming to get a pair. With no further ado, I hit the buy button, paid through PayPal and that's it, after three days I got my FAKE Aviator pair. At first glance, I knew it was fake. I even brought it to the department store for them to check. Bad thing, they have this "no-return-no-exchange policy". I had no choice but to sulk in one corner and promised not to buy stuff through online again.

Then last year happened. 

It was end of the year when I lost my used cell phone. Take note, I have this bad habit of losing a mobile device when it's near year-end. I was on a very hectic schedule with all those pending duties at the office, people that I needed to speak with and quotas that I had to meet. I could not afford to lose my most vital gadget. I was on the verge of getting myself a new but cheap cell phone when my colleague referred this online store,, which according to him was his newly-discovered endeavor. At first, I thought that this cellular country is a scam. 

Cellular Country boasts with a diverse range of cheap and refurbished cell phone deals that I highly recommend and worth checking, offering over 50% off of retail phone prices by buying gently used but quality-tested cell phones. I checked their terms and I was satisfied. Luckily, they had (still on the store) the iPhone 4 which I bought for just more or less 250 USD, plus some free accessories! I've been using the phone for over a year now, and I must say it's still in good condition.

If you plan to buy some cheap cell phone stuff, or perhaps you intend to buy a last minute gift for somebody and you're on a tight budget, you may check out cellular country's deals. There are lots of cellular country reviews online, mostly are good but some mentions about cellular country scams (I believe otherwise). Oh well, when in doubt, just visit the site and see for yourself.


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