Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I lost my cell phone one day before my high school graduation. One of those memories that I intend to forget. The mere thought of it makes me somewhat nostalgic.

It was my graduation day. I can hardly hear the laughter of the soon-to-be graduates. Friends were bidding their last chat and goodbyes. Despite that, I can still see the happiness in their eyes. They were happy. I am not.

The day before that, I lost my phone. It was my first mobile phone, a nokia 3310. It was a graduation present from my dad. That time, the nokia 3310 was the "It". The new toy everyone was talking about. It was what high school students crave and dream of. And my father bought me one. Yes, you got me. I was tearful and extremely exited to use the gadget. I even bought the coolest case and installed the latest ring tone after. I was on hype. I never thought the feelings would be short-lived...

(This is the first part of a free-writing entry. Just an excerpt of the whole story.)


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