Friday, August 30, 2013

Refurbished Products, Highly Recommended

I understand the apprehension of most people with regards to buying refurbished products. To most of these individuals, these goods like the used cell phones and other used electronics are considered as bad buys, rejects or below quality. That might be partly true. But oftentimes, you could get an excellent deal out of these "rejects". You could get used cell phones, ipads or computers that are good as new but cost less. You could even buy one for half its original price. How? Simple. All you have to do is search, investigate and read reviews. 

Let's start with the basics. First, what the hell is "refurbished"? According to wikipedia, refurbished products are products that have been returned to the store or vendor for specific reasons like minor scratches on the exterior, the box was opened when the buyer received the package or the product itself has some production defects. Either way, these products could be used or unused by the customer. Just so you know, these products are tested for defects before they are re-offered to another customer. The thing with refurbished devices, nobody knows the reason behind these goods. 

cellular country scamFor those who are planning or decided to get themselves some refurbished products be it cheap cell phones or used devices, I would suggest you do your own little research. Better start with finding a reputable online store like my favourite Cellular Country that offers used cell phones but of very good status for a very big discounted price (Cellular Country is not a scam! Lemme tell you a secret.
I got my HTC Vision from them and i tell you, that's one helluva best buy! shhh)

When you find a shop whom you decide to get your stuff, investigate. Read the reviews from past customers. These guys will be your best advisor. Ask. Check if the store has a customer support. That means they are serious with their services. Read their guidelines. If they offer a warranty service, that's better, means they are a legitimate company and that they confidence with their products.

I must say that there's always a risk when purchasing refurbished products. However, never close your doors to the idea of getting them. You will never know. Sometimes, these can land you an excellent deal - some cheap cell phones maybe with high quality. What I'm saying is, there's actually a gold mine out of these refurbished devices. 


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